SUNDAY WORSHIP – Many will already know that we plan to share an act of worship via the internet every Sunday (and perhaps at other times during Holy Week too). The weblink for this is being emailed to as many people as we have email addresses. If you don’t think we have your email address, please let us know at

SUNDAY WORSHIP for 31st MayThis will be on Zoom and a link will be sent to everyone who is online. If you don’t think we have your email address, please let us know at  If anyone wants to listen in using their landline, please put them in touch with us and we’ll give them the details.

Next Sunday (7th June) will be a recorded service available on Youtube and Facebook.

NB: For all those using ZOOM, please note that you should update to the new version of Zoom (Zoom 5.0) now, before 30th May when their whole system will update. This will make any Zoom meetings on your computer more secure. Contact us if you need help with this.

Diary – all the following will be on Zoom. Send us a message to find out how to join one of theseonline or by landline.

Please send us a message if you’d like to be sent a link to join one of these.

Midweek Prayers are on Monday (12 midday), Tuesday 9.15am & Friday 9.15am.

Tuesday (2nd)             7.00pm Wallasey Village Churches Together (committee only)

Thursday (4th)            8.05pm Christianity Explored – start of online new course

Sunday (7th)                Recorded Service available on Youtube and Facebook

Monday (8th)            2.00pm Ministry Team meeting (team only)

Tuesday (16th)            7.30pm PCC Standing Committee