Lent Day 11 | Favourite Verse 11

Lent Day 11 | Favourite Verse 11

2 Corinthians 5:1

“This is a verse of hope that gives us an understanding that our current body is not forever, our forever body is to come. It is part of my story of how I became a follower of Jesus”

Vision Priorities 2017

Following an away day of the PCC, on Sunday 5th March we launched a consultation on our vision priorities for the next few years.

These priorities are

1. Our Church Groups:

  • Developing faith in our understanding and our living
  • Growing relationships of support and fellowship
  • Establishing home groups throughout the year

2. Our Building:

  • Becoming more eco-friendly
  • Becoming more user-friendly for our community
  • Developing communication inside and outside

 3. Our Worship

  • Review pattern and content
  • Grow in numbers
  • Equip for life by connecting with real everyday needs

If you have any comments in repsonse to these goals please let us know by emailing rector@sthilarywallasey.org.uk or calling us on 0151 6384771.