Getting married is a big event in many people’s lives and we want to ensure all those wanting to get married at St. Hilary’s get all the help and preparation they need in advance of their special day. If you are considering St Hilary’s for your wedding ceremony, please contact us on one of the main telephone numbers or through the e-mail address.

To help you start to make plans here are a few points we think are important and these might help you before you come along.

To be married at St. Hilary’s you need to have one of the following connections to the church:

  • Either yourself or your partner lives within the parish of St Hilary’s (please ask us to check this when you come).
  • You have attended worship here regularly, which allows you to be added to our electoral roll (the church membership list) prior to your wedding
  • Have another qualifying connection with St Hilary’s Church, it is still possible that you could be married here. The qualifying connections include the following:
    • You or your parents used to live in this parish,
    • You or your parents were married in this church,
    • You were baptised in this church,
    • You used to attend this church

If either of you has been married previously, we will need to go through some additional procedures prior to discussing dates but this can be discussed with the clergy member during one of your meetings. This will involve a meeting with one of the clergy, during which we will need to ask questions about your previous marriage and divorce, your current relationship, and your interest in the Christian faith. Following this, the minister will decide whether or not to grant permission for you to be married in church.


If you do request a church wedding service, then you will have already made your choice to have a religious ceremony rather than a civil one. This means much more than holding it in a picturesque building as opposed to a town hall or a hotel.

It means you have opted for a Christian wedding, and if you read the words of the marriage service carefully, it is clearly expected that your married life will be Christian too. Not perfect, but Christian – that is, letting Jesus Christ be a vital part of your home and your relationship.

We invite you to come and discuss your options with us and we hope we can help you in any way possible.

For more details about Church of England weddings, you can visit the Church of England’s dedicated website for weddings using the link below.

CofE Weddings







Thanks to James and Linzi Stewart and their wedding photographer for allowing us to use their photos.