Funerals during Social Distancing

Caring for the bereaved in St Hilary’s Parish             

The Church of England in Wallasey here is to provide support for people experiencing a family bereavement.  

Bereaved families can still arrange Church of England funerals and in addition, families will be offered the opportunity to organise a memorial or remembrance service at a time when we can freely meet again.

The Rev’d Alan Wardsays: “If you or someone you know has been recently bereaved, the St Hilary’s is here for you. Everyone is welcome to arrange a Church of England funeral, or to plan a future memorial service at a time when we can meet again. Perhaps more importantly, clergy and others are there if you just want someone to listen and talk about the loved one you’ve lost. Talk to us, we can help.”

In normal times, a vicar would discuss with a bereaved family exactly how they would like to say goodbye. They would meet with them in person and discuss which music, Bible readings, and prayers they would like.

Much of this has not been able to happen because of restrictions limiting the length of a funeral. Social distancing measures have also reduced the number of people able to attend, and family members have been unable to hug and console each other, adding to their grief.

The Acting Bishop of Chester, the Rt Revd Keith Sinclair says we are living through an incredibly difficult time but urges people to know that the Church is there for them, whatever they may have been through, wherever they are.

“We are living through a profound moment for our nation and the world, the effects of which will be felt for a long time to come.

“But the Church remains a constant Christian presence in every community and an anchor of hope for many. I would wish for everyone to know that the Church is here for you. Talk to us, we can help.

“Contact your local vicar if you would like to talk to us about arranging a funeral, memorial service or attending a remembrance service, and the Church is here for you if you simply want someone to listen to your story.”

Find your parish church by searching online for, A Church Near You, or contact uson:

Rev’d Alan Ward (Rector) 0151 638 4771 or 07890 734952

Rev’d Richard Avery (Curate) 07784 422758

Or through the church website or on Facebook

June 2020

Funerals when not Social Distancing

Arranging a Funeral

Since you are reading this page, it is likely that you have recently lost someone you love and are in the position of having to arrange a funeral (possibly for the first time). If you think there is any way in which we can support you during this time, do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that the following notes will help you.

We normally conduct funeral services at St Hilary’s when the deceased person has lived in the parish, or when they were regular members of our congregation, or when there is an existing family grave in the churchyard – or possibly when there is some other close personal connection. Usually, it is best for you to contact a Funeral Director and they will be prepared to make all the practical arrangements for you. This will include contacting us about the availability of both the church and the clergy who will take your service. The person taking the funeral will then ring you to arrange a visit or to talk to you about the details of the service.

The following options are a regular part of our ministry:

  • A funeral service in church followed by brief service of committal at Landican Crematorium, or followed by a burial elsewhere
  • A funeral service in church followed by a burial in the churchyard in an existing family grave (see below)
  • A funeral service at Landican Crematorium followed by a service of thanksgiving in church. This can be on the same day or with the thanksgiving happening at a later date
  • A full funeral service, including the committal, at Landican Crematorium.
St Hilary’s Churchyard

There is no space in our churchyard for new graves as it is full.  We only undertake funerals followed by a burial in the churchyard at St Hilary’s if there is an existing family grave with sufficient space. We are however willing to hold a service in church followed by a burial elsewhere, for instance in a cemetery. The Funeral Director will be able to advise you of alternative places for burials.

It may be possible to arrange for a burial of ashes in the churchyard please contact us to talk about this. If you would like to bury your loved one’s ashes in our churchyard below are a few of the practicalities involved:

  • There are limited areas where we can bury ashes, the first step is to chose a spot
  • You will need to decide if you want to have a memorial stone. We would suggest you speak to a stonemason and arrange for this to be crafted.
  • When you know of a rough date that the stone will be ready we can arrange a date and time for the committal of ashes.

For more information about Church of England funerals, information can be found on The Church of England website via the following link below.

CofE Funerals