Y-Bible Favourite Verse


This year the Diocese of Chester are running an initiative to encourage people to read their bibles. As part of this, throughout Lent we would like to encourage people to get involved by sharing their favourite bible verses with others.

Throughout Lent we will be publishing a new bible verse every day which is a favourite verse from one of our community. We encouraging everyone who joins us in this project to read with everyone else the selected verse of the day and use it in their daily prayer life.

You can join us in this project in a number of ways. The verses will be put onto our website and facebook page each day and will also be published a week at a time in a special sheet handout on Sunday mornings.

We hope this project will encourage people in exploring the bible and discovering passages of scripture that will speak directly into their lives today encouraging them in faith.

To find the verses on this site have a look in our news section.


Some suggestions of how to use these verses…

Read the Verse in Context

Instead of reading he verse on its own, read the whole chapter that the verse in within answering questions such as; What words, ideas, or phrases stand out for you? What is Jesus saying through the text? What question would you ask of the author?

Use the verse as a prompt to Pray

As you pray use the verse of the day as a guide for prayer

Meditate on the verse

This is sometimes called lectio divina. Read the verse aloud a number of times and notice which word stands out the most for you. Begin to focus in on this particular word, listening for what God might be saying through it.


Christ our wisdom,

give us delight in your law,

that we may bear the fruit of

your love in our lives,

and your Kingdom may come

on earth as it is in heaven.