Why Jesus?

Why do we choose to follow Jesus? Why do we resolve to follow the teachings and example of this one man?

We do so because we know we are far from perfect, and because alone we say the wrong things, and make mistakes. Without the favour and grace of God, we would fail in so many of our undertakings.

Jesus is central to our faith because in rising to life again after his death on the cross, he proved that he had defeated death and is Lord of life. He gives us assurance that we too will have everlasting life in the presence of God.

He showed us how much he loves each and every one of us by coming to our rescue and by giving his life for us. By dying on our behalf, he hasn’t ignored the things we do wrong, or swept them under the carpet, but has dealt with them by paying the ultimate sacrifice.

We follow his teachings because during his time among us, he embodied God and showed us how we should aim to live our lives. He taught us that life is a gift from God, one which we should enjoy freely and unencumbered by unnecessary religious rules made up by mankind. He taught us that living a good and full life is done by pursuing values based on love.

We pray to Jesus because we know that he has shared our human story and the challenges of life, and understands the depths of our pain. In dark times, he is a friend we can turn to for help. The love of Jesus extends any human relationship we have – it is abundant and entirely without limit.

We know that when we eventually pass from this life, he will welcome us into God’s presence as his brother or sister, each an important and valued part of the heavenly family.